A new concept of wine that combines innovation and tradition

Three wines, three experiences

Aristoi Barrica – Strength

A structured and elegant wine. 100% tempranillo, accompanied by a bouquet of red fruits, its permanence in French oak barrels for 7 months provides an intense, long and persistent taste.

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Aristoi Reserva – Personality

100% tempranillo, with a deep garnet color, shows an intense layer presenting very clean and satin. Distinct complex and spaced aromas typical of aging in noble woods, makes it evocative of roasted nuances that remembers to cocoa, coffee and licorice. Its nerve, breadth and good structure in the mouth make it dense and pleasant, worthy of being taken into account.

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Winemaking is the set of operations carried out in the process of making wines from the grapes.

The techniques used defend the performance of a destemming-crushed that respects to the maximum the integrity of the scrape, damaging the grape as little as possible, with a separate preparation of the old vineyard and the young, controlling at all times the temperatures of alcoholic fermentation and the application of suitable macerations to the wine.

A devatting by gravity facilitates the collection of the pasta in stainless steel trolleys that are then emptied directly into the press, avoiding its transport through the pump. After that, a light pressing allows the obtaining of the better wine fraction followed by monitoring the optimal conditions in the second fermentation. Finally, there is a general and continuous analysis that serves as reference of the resulting product to define the destination of the wine obtained either with or without aging.

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